Professional Development

Are you in need of specialized training to renew your teaching license? We offer a wide range of professional development opportunities throughout the school year. Topics are determined based on the results of an extensive annual survey sent to all district and building administrators and any teacher having attend a workshop recently.

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Discount Programs

Our Cooperative Purchasing Program has the potential to save your corporation thousands of dollars each year. It will make a positive difference in your building level supply account by helping you stretch those classroom supply dollars. As a member, you are eligible to purchase from several statewide bids and Market Basket items through the K12-Indiana/Spendbridge Procurement site. Our purchasing department can also save money on cafeteria food and supplies, bread and dairy items, waste removal, and fire safety protection.

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Registered Dietitian

We have responded to the number of changes being made to the National School Lunch Program by providing our members the opportunity to contract with our own registered dietitian. The registered dietitian assists with the current requirements for food service personnel to continue their professional development. Our dietitan can guide your school corporation through the certification process, setting up menus to meet the current guidelines, and provide sanitation training.