• NWIESC has for many years offered a year end bulk copy paper bid which  allows bidding vendors to consolidate 40 case skid minimum orders into truckloads and ship directly from the paper mills.  The logistical savings as well as spot market pricing result in a lower unit price to our members.  Colored and  miscellaneous types of paper can also be simultaneously ordered at very  competitive prices again as a result of shipment consolidation.

    Also available in this purchasing period is the opportunity to stock up on an extensive selection of instructional paper, custodial papers and electrical lamps. 

    The timeline for the bid topically starts in October when members interested in participating are identified.  The NWIESC handles all aspect of the bidding process.  Order are taken and placed in November and December, and bulk delivery occurs in late January.

    Members interested in participating in the bid or to learn more about the copy paper bid should call  219.926.5555 Ext 1.