• The NWIESC electronic purchasing system is a web based purchasing tool available to any Indiana service center member.  The system allows for purchase of a very wide range of  products at pricing reached through competitive bids and also allows for fully electronic   procurement if desired.  (The system can be integrated with your district's financial software.)The electronic approval and control procedure has been reviewed and approved by the State Board of Accounts.  Regional administration and training is offered here at NWIESC.  Nearly 42 million dollars of purchases are projected to be made via the Indiana Education Service Centers “E”  procurement system during the fiscal year 2009-10.  The system is password protected.  Member corporations may obtain a browse only password by contacting NWIESC.   The browse only feature allows a propective user to shop the system until training can be completed. 
    For additional information, please contact Mary Naglich  at 219.926.5555 Ext 1.