• About the Media

    Teachers and staff of the NWIESC member school corporations have a selection of approximately 3,800 DVD and VHS titles to choose from for use in their classrooms.  Videos are loaned for one week; however, extensions are available.  The fine for overdue videos is $5.00 per video per day.  The NWIESC delivers and retrieves videos on a weekly basis at a designated site in each school corporation.  A user number and password may be obtained by contacting your building Media Specialist or Dan Dallas at (219) 926-5555 Ext 6.  To view the Webmax booking system, click: .http://webmax.nwiesc.k12.in.us/webmax/loginng.html

    The NWIESC Media Department also offers several manipulatives for use by NWIESC member staff.  The items are delivered via the NWIESC van service to a designated site in each corporation.  Loan periods vary according to each manipulative.  To obtain a list of manipulatives, please access the NWIESC website at www.nwiesc.k12.in.us and click on media and then manipulatives.  The Webmax booking system must be used to book the material using your user name and password. 

    The Starlabs and digital planetariums are delivered and picked up directly at the building of the trained teacher on Fridays.  A training workshop is required before borrowing the Starlabs or digital planetariums