• How to Become a Member

    Regular membership in the NWIESC is open to any public school corporation, non-public school, and charter school in Indiana. Requirements for non-public schools include accreditation by the Indiana Department of Education and the provision of services to at least two (2) consecutive grade levels between kindergarten and grade 12. Additionally, costs to the NWIESC of providing services should not exceed the participation fee. Participation fees for school corporations, charter schools, and private schools are $3.85 per ADM.


    Associate memberships are available for area educational agencies or entities (including universities, libraries, and non-profit agencies) that have direct affiliation with public school systems. Associate memberships are effective July 1 to June 30 and will be annually considered for renewal by the NWIESC executive board. Annual associate member fees are $2,000 for universities and $1,000 for libraries and non-profit agencies, or as recommended by the Director.


    Organizations wishing to become members or to learn more about NWIESC membership should contact the Executive Director at 219/926-5555 Ext 7 or eschoenfelt@nwiesc.k12.in.us.