• Each Sponsorship level will be displayed in a framed certificate for a period of 365 days
    on the sponsorship wall within the office of the NWIESC for all visitors to see. Sponsors
    will receive a lapel pin to proudly wear showing support for education.
    The NWIESC Sponsorship Agreement will be customized to the needs of the individual /
    vendor / business / company a “win win” agreement for all parties.
    These agreements can include email blasts per event to our public school corporations,
    non-public school, charter schools, and associate members of the service center. The
    use of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and You Tube posting per event will
    also be offered. The agreement can include the promotional flyers of the workshop or
    event plus distribution to all the service center members. If the agreements choose to
    use the NWIESC electronic registration portal, we can provide evaluations of your event
    and professional growth point certificates to each participant.
    A sponsor can also host a teacher to attend a NWIESC workshop paying for his/her
    registration fees and the associated costs of a substitute teacher. Sponsors can also
    support our goals by providing breakfast and or lunch at any of our events or meetings.
    • Level 1 Summa Cum Laude $7,000
    • Level 2 Magna Cum Laude $5,000
    • Level 3 Cum Laude $3,000
    • Level 4 Honor Roll $2,000
    Other financial sponsorships are acceptable and terms will be work out between
    NWIESC and the vendor. A 365 day NWIESC Sponsorship of $10K is also available.
    The NWIESC reserves the right to deny a sponsor for anything that could be considered
    unethical or unlawful.
    For more information contact, Executive Director or any NWIESC staff