School Bus Purchasing Made Easy!

Use our unusually simple process for this complex task helps districts save time and money.  With cooperation from school bus vendors, the CIESC designed a web based bus purchasing program in which all Indiana school districts can take advantage of group purchasing, regardless of the size of their order. A district ordering one bus gets the same price as a district ordering 20 buses.  This program will save you time when ordering new buses. 

CIESC has undertaken with over 262 School districts participating, 5100 plus buses and over $463 million in purchases through the program since its inception in the Fall 2007.  NWIESC supports this program of the CIESC and by doing so supports our members with the experience and ease of purchasing a bus through the CIESC Bus Bid Online Procurement System. You can spec your own bus and even add your trade-ins. Some of the instructions can be found below or you can contact Barney Summers at the CIESC via email or by calling his direct line at 317-759-5556.

Once you have configured your bus as desired you are be able to list your trades within in the program.  Go to the trade-ins and click on “Create New”.  Fill out the information on the form for each bus you desire to trade.  The vendors will then be notified by email that a trade is available for appraisal and will contact you individually to arrange times to evaluate your trades.  They will have 10 days to come out and then place a value in the program.